Clickbait: Don’t do it!

I selected this as it was something I have never heard of, but have been a victim of. A while a go I did a quiz on Facebook and ever since an app has been posting random results on my website, the last straw being when one of them compared me to George HW Bush. I looked at my apps and along with that one, there were over 16O I didn’t knowingly install, which I have since removed.

I found this video, which opened my eyes to how prevalent it is on Facebook and how I have unknowingly been allowing access to my data and that of my friends by my not being able to resist quizzes. I will definitely be changing my behaviour now and I have warned all my friends likewise. Clicker beware!



6 thoughts on “Clickbait: Don’t do it!

  1. Nick G says:

    Cool video and fair call.
    I know I’m guilty of taking the bait for a quick laugh, but I might think a little harder about whether I need to know ’18 Funniest FML Stories’


  2. Fabio Blonda says:

    Hi Debbie,
    that’s a nice video, I was posting on clickbaiting as well, and looking for a video straight to the point. What happened was me searching “clickbaiting” on youtube and getting clickbaited on every single result I got, maybe I just tried to go too much straight to the point haha.


    • Nura Firdawsi says:

      Hi Fabio, I also wrote about Clickbait and think I used similar searching strategies to you and kept having to avoid clickbait in the process.
      Nice post Debbie, that video was pretty informative. I’ve always instinctively tried to avoid those Facebook quizzes, but never knew that my data was being sold to third party companies. I liked that you warned your friends, and I think I’ll try and learn from you and mention the dangers of clickbait to my friends, because I still see them doing quizzes and posting other clickbait-y type things.


      • Deborah Fuller says:

        HI Nura, Thanks for your comments. It was certainly an eye opener that video. I think I’m quite savyy with social media, so I was a bit upset to find I had been taken in with a marketing ploy such as this. I am certainly more careful now, with the information I share and what I click on.


    • Deborah Fuller says:

      Hi Fabio, Thanks for your comments. That’s funny about you getting clickbaited when you did your search on you tube, I wonder if I did and didn’t notice.


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