Game week: the Game!


I decided to take part in the game activity for this weeks play activity. I started off really well, due to my procrastination about starting IFN611’s literature review. “I know! I’ll start it after I have had a play on IFN612’s site”. I therefore managed to be the first to complete the first stage, which I really enjoyed doing. I gained a gold star for this, something I’ve not managed to do since I was 10 years old. Taking a selfie outside the media suite was not such an easy task for me, especially as it was witnessed by a group of very young students. I the took comfort witnessing several of my friends doing the same, whilst I was preparing for my group meeting. It felt good to know I wasn’t alone.

Commenting on five of my peers’ blogs was my next task. I found this really valuable, as even though I have made an effort to make regular comments this forced me to read more blogs, which was a valuable learning tool. I also had more comments on my blog, which made me think about what I had written in them.

In week 2 of the game, I decided to retire. There were a number of reasons for this. I am not competitive, but I could feel myself getting that way and I’d heard how competitive last year’s game was. I have nothing against competition, I loved a good game of football (sorry soccer) back in the old country, but being actively involved in competitions  stresses me out a little. I also returned to work, after an absence of nearly 4 months and I needed to focus on that. Last but not least, the dreaded literature review, I really needed to give it some time.

I got my 250 points and was in the lead for a couple of days so I am very pleased with my achievement. I also confirmed that I am not a gamer and I m definitely not competitive. However, never say never, if an activity appeals to me in the game this week, I’ll definitely give it a go.

I returned to the game for the Forgotten Memories challenge. I thought it was a really good idea to find a photograph that brought back memories, so was inspired to take part. It was also some light relief from my literature review assignment. I felt that by doing this challenge, I was uplifted and refreshed to get back to the assignment, so it achieved its aim.


3 thoughts on “Game week: the Game!

  1. Lisa Hetherington says:

    Great insights into your gaming experience Debbie. I, like you, am not a gamer and have decided to steer clear of gaming on a personal and professional level. Firstly, I am really not competitive either, expect with myself. I get very disheartened when I do not reach my personal goals. Secondly, I believe I have a somewhat addictive streak, am a procrastinator and one that struggles with time management. Hence, anything that could possibly be an addictive distraction to getting the essential tasks done, I should not toy with!!

    Anyway, back to the literature review for me too!


    • Deborah Fuller says:

      Thanks for your comments Lisa. I am naturally a procrastinator and will do anything (even the housework) to put off studying, which is strange because I do enjoy learning. I once got involved with Gardens of Time on FB with some friends and wasted so much time on it I had to go cold turkey. Now I avoid online games like the plague, although I do play Mahjong occasionally as a break which doesn’t involve me moving. I have to really force myself to manage my time effectively and keep to the plan. I have a weekly planner on my computer which I update daily and a detailed (some would say obsessive) calendar on my phone and its a case of rewarding myself when I achieve a section on my planner, usually with food. It is a constant struggle against my natural free spirited and impulsive personality though.


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