Forgotten Memories



This is my favourite picture of my dogs Jazz and Ruby. It was taken when we took them on a picnic and I dropped a bit of food. Jazz being the greedy one of the 2, crawled under Ruby to grab it and then decided to stay there. I quickly took the photo and it always makes me smile. I’ve always loved dogs and whenever I feel stressed or down they are there for me. They accompany me on long walks and encourage me to go out when I really don’t feel like it. They keep their house and family safe and always welcome us home with a waggy tail. They’re rescue dogs from the RSPCA, but I think they rescued us and made our family complete. That’s why this photo always makes me smile.

This activity came at the right time for me, as I had just finished putting the finishing touches to an assignment that is due this afternoon and I needed something to make me smile. Thanks.


9 thoughts on “Forgotten Memories

  1. Katya Henry says:

    A gorgeous photo, Deb. We too have just acquired a puppy, and likewise, she has brought so much love and happiness to our dysfunctional family. And here I am a cat person saying that!


    • Deborah Fuller says:

      Glad you like it, I know I’m a bit biased. Your puppy will bring you a lot of happiness, as do cats. I love cats too, but unfortunately my dogs don’t.


  2. Michele Smith says:

    Love your photo, Deb! They look like great mates. Dogs, cats and children have great power complete a family, don’t they? We have a dog and children in our family.


    • Deborah Fuller says:

      Thanks Michele, they are good mates. They’re always playing in the garden, burning off energy. I think pets can complete a family, we always had them growing up and I’ve gone on to have a continuous family of dogs as an adult.


  3. Fabio Blonda says:

    Lovely photo Deborah!
    I totally feel you, I have two dogs back in italy, and I agree with you that pets can actually unite and protect a family. Your photo reminded me of how much I miss my dogs! I’ll have my mother doing them some extra cuddles for me until I come back home haha!


    • Deborah Fuller says:

      Thanks Fabio, Glad you like my photo. I feel for you, I really miss my dogs when I’m away from them. I bet you can’t wait to see them and they’ll be so excited when you get home. Ours are even if we’ve only been out 1/2 hour. You can’t beat their unconditional love and loyalty,


  4. Jasmine Darlington-Rielly says:

    This is a great photo Debbie! I’ve always loved dogs because like you said they do encourage you to do things when you don’t really want to (like go for big walks!). Unfortunately I can’t have a dog at the moment as I am renting and live in a small flat so I have a cat instead. But I do go to visit my dad and his dog regularly and take the dog for runs along the sand flats at Sandgate.


    • Deborah Fuller says:

      Hi Jasmine, thanks for your comments. That’s sad that you can’t have a dog but a cat’s the next best thing, unfortunately cats don’t encourage you to exercise. I love taking my dogs on the beach, they get so excited chasing the waves and running on the sand. I had a previous dog who was obsessed by swimming and she used to be in the sea or hours, body surfing the waves whilst Jazz ran up and down in the shallows.


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