Semester 1 reflection

After several months absence, I have decided to start back on the blog. Started Masters in Library Studies in July after months deliberating next career move. I can’t stay in nursing, I have decided after 30 years its not my vocation. Its been a struggle but eventually feel on top of things after a couple of minor meltdowns, a few glasses of wine and pieces of chocolate. I have to say on the whole I’m loving this course, learning things I never thought possible like HTML5, SQL and cataloguing. I now consider myself a bit of a techy (just a bit) and have become a bit of a Twitter fiend @debfuller66. Tonight it’s my Twitter Chat lecture on teens and children. Who would have thought learning could be so much fun. Today spent at work, last minute phone call and mad dash to get to Mater Private within a hour on public transport. I made it just! Had a lovely shift- very quiet and calm which makes a change in nursing.


Just 3 weeks until the end of semester and lots of reports due at once.. Hopefully they’ll be easier to submit than the last lot. I had one to join together as a single pdf, a zip file and a PowerPoint presentation in Dropbox. A little stressful to say the least, but felt I’d achieved something at the end.

(first published October 2015)


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