23 (Research Data) Things: Week 6

Katya Henry, one of my lecturers invited students to attend this regular meeting at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ). I thought  would go along and see what it was about. I was the only student there but was made to feel welcome by the GLAM professionals who made up the rest of the attendees.

ANDS Data have initiated 23 (research data) things as a step by step self learning package for people interested in data and managing it. There are groups meeting around Australia to discuss these things.

The first part of the meeting comprised a presentation by Serena Coates (Team Leader, eContent, Content Development, SLQ) who discussed her experiences at the International Digital Curation Conference. Particularly interesting for me was her reflection on Barend Mons (Leiden University Medical School), who is sceptical about data visualisation models, coining the terms bignorance and ridiculogram, something I can relate to.

We then went on to discuss data preservation and tools that can be used to assist this. These included POWRR, COPTR and PRONOM. I am hoping to gain experience of using some of these tools when I do my professional placements later this year.

I gained a great deal from attending this meeting and intend to attend more in the future. I learnt a little about managing data, knowledge that will be expanded upon when I work through the program in my own time. I was also introduced to the work of Barend Mons, who I will follow up on in the future. Finally I got to meet and interact with a group of interesting and intelligent professionals, who happily shared their knowledge with me. I feel this was an invaluable opportunity in my career development and hope to use some of the knowledge gained in the future.


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