23 (Research Data) Things: Week 8 Data Citation

This workshop was held at the State Library of Queensland as part of the ANDS 23 (research data) things.   Tricia Kelly, a liaison librarian and Jodie Crimston, a library advisor came to talk to us about data citation. I attended as I felt it would be beneficial to my studies, especially my projects next year and also my future career as a librarian.

It was useful in that I learnt a bit more about altmetrics, which we touched on in The Power of Social Media, which I have recently completed. It was interesting to know that if a researcher posts a link on Twitter, which results in followers opening up the article, that can increase the researcher’s profile and that of the institution where they work.

Another thing which may be of use to me as a student when I am doing my project is the QUT Library’s Research Data Finder Site. This is also something which Trish feels I am likely to experience in when I do my placement next semester with the health liaison team at QUT Library. I am very much looking forward to this, along with gaining experience in research support. I also intend to look more closely at the site when I have a break in my academic workload.

I am sure that the information I acquired today will be extremely valuable both academically and professionally in the future and I hope to consolidate it with practical experience gained during my fieldwork placements.


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