Almost there (Oct 2015)

Well only one week until the end of semester and just 2 assignments to complete, both group work. last week, I downloaded my first You Tube video. Easy enough to do, but took ages to convert the Power Point to video and then download. Not the most interesting video, I have to admit: Cyberbullying:is social media to blame?, but feel free to check it out. Struggling with linking the pages on my HTML website design assignment for the group work, but not spending too much time worrying as will have to redo all the links when we blend both of our pages together. Information Management report all set to go and looks very professional, even managed to sneak a picture of one of my dogs on the front cover. Well it is about the RSPCA. I think the assignment that has caused the most angst for me (and my fellow students, judging by the group’s Facebook page) was the database one. I found the cataloguing easy enough, although time consuming, but I am strange in that I enjoy cataloguing and have even catalogued my clothes and accessories. The thing I struggled with was SQl, but I’ve got all the queries to work and will work through SQL for Dummies in the break, as I feel I need to crack the code so to speak. It’s going to feel strange, having no study to do for 3 months, although I have the ALIA mini conference next week and I’ve volunteered for another conference next month in Melbourne, which I’m waiting to hear about. I’ve also applied for a couple of library related jobs which I haven’t heard anything yet. I can always fall back onto nursing if necessary. Wish I could afford to do some voluntary work in a library setting.


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