Evaluation of Customer Service at State Library of Queensland

I volunteered to do this when a call out went out to students to help out with assessing customer service within the State Library of Queensland. On 14/05/2016, I took my questionnaires to the library and started at the Infozone desk. The assistant was busy at the time with another customer, so I waited patiently, surreptitiously listening in on the conversation, as one of my tasks was to observe staff-customer interactions. When it came to my turn, I was asked if I needed help, she listened to my query and asked me a series of open and closed questions to ascertain exactly what I wanted. She then directed me to the third floor, where I could be assisted further.

There was initially no-one at the third floor desk as all the staff were busy with customers. However, I wasn’t waiting long before somebody came to help me. Again I was asked open and closed questions and informed that the John Oxley Library would have the information I required and given directions how to get there.

Both of the staff members I spoke to were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Their body language was friendly without being intrusive. I was made to feel important and respected and although I never actually got the information I asked for, this was due to me not really needing it, rather than anything lacking from the staff.

I observed excellent customer service, which I hope to emulate in my current position and any future positions I have. There was nothing that I could fault during the whole experience and I feel that they are a shining example for good customer service.


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