Information management

This was the least practical of the units I took in my first semester and was very theory heavy. There was a great deal of background on information management theory, which meant that the reading was heavy throughout the semester. Having said that I enjoyed doing the reading, particularly as my job at the time was physically heavy, it was good to sit down and read in my downtime and not feel guilty.

Having got a solid background in the theory and writing an essay about this, we switched to applying it to a real life situation. We had to write a theoretical report discussing an information management issue in an organisation, and make recommendations. After weeks of agonising, I chose RSPCA Queensland. I chose them because I have strong links with them, being a member and adopting 3 dogs from them. I was also fortunate to be shown around the Wacol campus, including the state of the art call centre by the CEO, Mark Townend at the beginning of 2015.

The report and the narrated PowerPoint presentation were hard work, but once I got started proved fairly straightforward and I am proud of the results, the report looks particularly professional and contains some good graphics.

have learnt a lot about information management theory during this unit and have also gained experience in writing a professional  level report. I wish I had not spent so long deciding on my organisation. I originally thought we needed more company information than we did, as the information that wasn’t publically available could be assumed, as long as that was clearly stated. The unit was an excellent learning experiences and has given me a solid background for my future employment.


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