Information programs

This unit was taught in a completely novel way for me. We were told at the beginning of the semester that it would be heavily based around Twitter chats. We were advised to open a Twitter account if we didn’t have one already and follow our peers and lecturers. We were also give a list of information professionals, whom we could follow. I was ambivalent about Twitter before I started this unit, but now I love it. It’s a great learning tool, with information being freely shared. It’s also a good way to network and become known within the LIS community. I love the fact that I can get my phone out on the train or in my tea break and scroll through Twitter, usually learning new ideas or information.

Blogging was also important in this unit. Every week we had to post a 500 word blog, most of which I have placed in Information Programs Blog Posts. I found I had a hidden talent for this, which surprised me as it was a new experience. We also had to comment on others blog posts in order to build up a community. I loved it.

Finally we had to work as a group to design a program for a library and do a mock grant application. I was keen to do an indigenous literacy program, having previously worked in corrections and witnessing the low literacy rates within this community. Low literacy is linked to poor health, low socio-economic status, higher substance dependency and higher crime rate. I really enjoyed working on this, with the other group members and we produced a good grant application from this.

I learnt a lot from this unit: the value of Twitter; how to blog effectively and how to apply for the grants. I also reflected on library services and programs and in doing so experienced them as a user. The unit has enabled and encouraged me to increase my online presence in a positive way.


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