Information retrieval

I wished I’d done this unit in the first semester.

I thought I was a proficient at searching for information before I began this unit. How wrong I was. I have been guided through advanced searching techniques, evaluation of information, access to information and search tools. It also covered information literacy and information seeking behaviour.

The assignments were an information retrieval report and a literature review. The report initially required the submission of an interim report for which we received feedback. I didn’t do too well on this, but I acted upon the feedback and my final report was very much improved. I found the process challenging, but I enjoyed it, particularly as it challenged a lot of my preconceptions on searching for information. I am now much more proficient at this and am able to utilised advanced searching techniques. In addition, I now know how to evaluate resources for their usefulness.

The unit culminated in the submission of a literature review, for which I was able to utilise everything I had learnt throughout the semester. I found my searching and evaluation techniques much more sophisticated and  efficient and this is something I will be employing in most of my information seeking activities in the future. Although, I will still be using Google for simple day to day queries I have.


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