Management issues for information professionals

This unit examined different aspects of leadership and management. I currently have no desire to be a manager but I realise from my experience in nursing that as a qualified professional I may be required to step up as a team leader. There are also some schools of thought that Bottom-up Leadership is the way to go, where all the workforce participates in leadership. I personally feel that is important as an employee to be aware of the leadership theory and the challenges faces managers in order to understand their role, and to be able to step up as necessary.

The first assignment required me to interview an information professional and to critically discuss the interview with reference to  leadership theory. I enjoyed speaking to the professional I selected and got a lot out of the experience. It was interesting to see how she applied the theory to practice and adapted it to suit the situation. I also had to reflect on 5 articles written about leadership theory on the learning community on Google Plus for the assignment. I found this a great way to help me digest the information in the articles whilst reading them. It was also valuable to read my peers’ reflections.

The second assignment was a group project addressing a management issue. The first part involved us doing a Pecha Kucha presentation, which essentially meant us presenting 12 slides in 4 minutes. I took care of the slides while my colleague wrote and delivered the speech. I was slightly concerned that I wouldn’t be understood if I presented as my Northern English accent gets stronger if I speak quickly. We are still progressing with the report which is due in a week.


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