Managing and organising collections

This was a very fast paced unit with a lot of content. It started with collection development and management, which culminated in a group project. We did ours on collecting ephemeral material remembering Cyclone Yasi, for a local studies library at Townsville. In hindsight, I feel our choice was wrong, as it was very difficult to find material. We also didn’t work very well as a group, as it was difficult to meet due to outside commitments. We all wrote separate sections and I was responsible for the literature review and user needs analysis section. We then tried to bring together the different sections at the end. This proved difficult with the different writing styles. I learnt a lot from my first experience of group work in this degree, which I will take forward into the future.

The rest of the semester was learning about cataloguing and databases. I loved the cataloguing, as it is something I do on a personal level. The databases were based around SQL and I struggled with this. I decided to approach it as I do any new skill, one step at a time. It worked and I managed to pass this component, although  feel I will need to revise it before I attempt it again. We also wrote a reflection on how a library database could be used to tailor recommendations to users based on their previous choices. I wrote one for QUT library and Brisbane City Libraries, before settling on the former.

This unit has had its ups and downs for me, but I have learnt a lot both academically and about myself. I feel our group work improved greatly for our second group assignment in Information Programs. This is in contrast to my career, which has revolved strongly around teamwork. I also managed to conquer SQL with time and patience.


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