Psychological capital and flow

Psychological capital

I completed the questionnaire and got very high levels of self-efficacy and hope and high levels of optimism and resilience. I am not completely surprised by these results as I feel that I tend to be hopeful and optimistic about my future.  I am very resilient as proven by me making and almost complete recovery from a serious road accident early this year due in no small part to my determination. I also tend to be very self reflective and have had to write reflections to remain registered as a nurse and for my Masters. I tend however to mull things over in my mind a lot and need to make an effort to reflect on my failures and weaknesses in order to improve and develop in the future. I am hoping this unit will assist me in this


I am motivated by cooking, reading and organising my wardrobe and accessories. I have been “in flow” when writing my literature review for my project. This was as I had a meeting with my supervisor the week before it was du and we changed the direction, so I had to go from an annotated bibliography to a literature review. He gave me a two week extension, which I decided to forgo as it included my birthday and a week away, so I spent eight hours straight writing a 5000 word report, breaking just for food and to stretch. I was motivated by not wanting the report hanging over my head for my birthday and my week away. I have also been completely absorbed when photographing and cataloguing my clothes and accessories


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