Readers Advisory (Nov 2015)

Doing RA course online with SLQ and felt blog was ideal place to put reflections. One of the tasks  is to thinks of some programs that I could link to a new release. The book I’ve chosen is Lessons After 80 by Donald Hall, a former Poet Laureate. It is a collection of essays from the vantage of old age. Programs could be centred around age:

  1. Elderly people doing a story time for children relating stories from their lives
  2. Indigenous Elders discussing their culture, language, art and dreamtime stories
  3. Display of books about aging: fiction and non-fiction

Task number 2 is to design  a program that develops literacy around 2 things. I have chosen dogs and cats. The program will feature books about dogs and/or cats from all age ranges and genres. These could include Marley and Me, The Cat in the Hat, Dewey the Small Town Library Cat and The Call of the Wild. These could displayed in the library, followed by a book club type meeting where the merits of dogs versus cats  and vice a versa can be debated.

It’s worth doing this course and it’s free. I have learnt so much on how RA works and how I can use it in my future career. I have also got links to several blogs I can follow and websites from which I can get information.


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