Self belief

The first speaker states that self belief and communicating that self belief is essential for success and he backs this up using examples such as Apple, the Wright brothers and Martin Luther King. The second speaker believes that good leaders lead themselves first by being self-aware and believing in themselves and he uses Marcus Aurelius, the ancient Roman emperor as an example. Neither of them use academic evidence to prove their point but they are nonetheless both very convincing. The content of the videos resonated strongly with me as self belief is something that I struggle with, which is one of the reasons I selected this elective. I feel my self-awareness is also possibly distorted as I lack self-confidence and I am actively taking steps to rectify this, for example I am presenting at a national conference next year which is really pushing me out of my comfort zone. I do believe self belief and self awareness are important in a good leader, although I also think it is not just about self, as the leader is leading a team so needs to believe in them and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses as well as their own. I was trying to relate this to my experience of leaders in my working life and I was struggling to recall an exceptional leader, which may be because in my previous profession managers were employed on experience rather than leadership skills and training was unusual. I  have left employment previously due to poor leadership and I know how essential a good leader is to staff morale and performance. Therefore I can see the benefits of educating leaders and potential leaders in self leadership to enable them to lead effectively. By studying this unit I hope to develop the self awareness necessary to be an effective leader.


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