Self-efficacy and realistic optimism


I completed the self-efficacy scale in relation to my current study solution and was surprised to get a score of 5.5 which indicates that I have a high level of self- efficacy. However, after watching Dr Peter O’Connor’s video on self-efficacy and reading the recommended reading, I reflected on my self-efficacy and became less surprised. Since starting my studies, I have become very motivated to achieve my full potential and learn as much as I can. This is due to several reasons, the primary being that I love studying and I find my field of studying extremely interesting, so I continually want to learn more. A secondary reason is that I gave up a well paying career in order to pursue my studies and now work casually and this motivates me to ensue my sacrifice is not wasted. Finally, I feel I have found my calling and this motivates me  to perform. My beliefs in my ability have steadily grown throughout the course as I have achieved results, I would previously not have imagined and the resulting encouragement and feedback I have received from my lecturers and peers. This has increased my goal expectations of my final results and encouraged me to persevere with the study and as a result I am planning on continuing on to a  PhD. This is not a trait I’ve always had, in my previous career I lacked motivation and confidence and this probably manifested itself in my lack of progress and ambition. To me it was just a job and a means to an end.

Realistic optimism

I found Dr Tim Donnet’s 3 videos on opportunity-seeking for the future ; leniency for the past and appreciation for th present really interesting and inspiring. I feel I appreciate the present as I am really happy with my life at the moment and what I am doing and achieving. However, it wasn’t always the case when I was younger and unable to maintain a stable relationship. Instead of appreciate the freedom I had, I bemoaned what was lacking in my life and in hindsight I would have done things differently. This brings me on to leniency for the past, which is an area I feel I let myself down in. I actively try to make positives out of my failings in the past, but it is something I struggle with. I hope that I an improve on this in the future as I work though this unit. The final aspect opportunity seeking for the future is more variable. I feel that I seek every opportunity academically and am optimistic about achieving these goals (signing up for a PhD and speaking at a national library conference next year). However, professionally I lack optimism as I feel my age will go against me in the job market coupled with my lack of experience, but I know I need to use my age to my advantage and make my experience gained in my previous work with the knowledge gained in my studies land me that dream job. I just need to believe in myself now.

Footnote: the videos were all accessed as supplementary course material for study at Queensland University of Technology


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