The power of social media

I decided to do this MOOC when I opened my weekly ALIA PD e-mail and it was featured. It is marketed by Future Learn and run by the University of Southampton. I decided to do it as my lecturers are always promoting the value of open media and developing a professional online brand and personal learning networks. The course was 2 weeks and took me 8 hours to complete, so was achievable with my current workload.

It practised what it preached by encouraging participants to join and be active in its Google Plus community. I did join but was more a watcher than an active member, due mainly to time pressures from my MIS(LIP) and its Google Plus communities. The course itself reinforced a lot that I have learnt whilst studying and from life in general. However, I feel my knowledge has deepened due to my learnings.

The first week was fairly maths related with discussions on networks, power within networks and numerical analysis. It was explained and demonstrated in a way which could be understood by a non-mathematician. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed this week’s materials, but I certainly learnt a lot about social networks and the potential power they hold.

I found the second week more relevant and therefore enjoyable. Online branding was discussed, along with building a professional digital network. The different platforms and their suitability were also examined. Appropriateness of posts and tagged photographs was a particularly interesting aspect of this week’s materials, which I enjoyed and found relevant as someone who is currently trying to build an online brand. The marketing on a tight budget reading of this week was particularly relevant, as I am just about to start a group assignment on the use of technology to increase usage of a library.

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