23 (Research Data) Things catch-u

I attended this webinar today and followed the Twitter chat at the same time.  It  focussed on how participants were implementing what they have learned so far in the 23 (Research Data) Things into their professional practice. I found this particularly useful as it has been a mainly theoretical concept for me up until now and although I attend  meetings at the State Library of Queensland, the practical aspect is naturally centred around that organisation. It was really valuable to hear how the Things have been incorporated into different settings such as medical libraries and academic libraries. Public and school libraries however, didn’t get mentioned, possibly because librarians in these settings do not participate. Although I followed the Twitter chat, I did not on this occasion participate, but I found it very interesting and valuable to follow the others chatting. It didn’t seem as interactive as the chat on the previous webinar I attended, but was valuable nonetheless. The other participants may have felt like me that it is difficult to chat and concentrate on the webinar at the same time. I think that although I am finding the program a little abstract at the moment, I will find it has given me an invaluable background into data and its management when I start practicing professionally. It may also make more sense when I am doing my fieldwork placements next semester and get an insight into the practical aspects of librarianship and information management.  I do feel that although I am currently struggling to get my head around a lot of the information in the program, it will come together in the end once I start using the information practically. I have committed to myself to complete the program and will endeavour to gain as much from it as I am able. I will also revisit it as necessary in the future in order to reinforce my knowledge.


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