ALIA mini conference Queensland (Nov 2015)

This was my first library conference and I was a little apprehensive in attending as a mere student. After a bit of a trek around the Gabba due to my poor sense of direction, I arrived there a little hot and flustered, but was welcomed by friendly faces and the availability of hot and cold drinks. The first presentation was on valuing our skills we have as librarians, or in my case potential librarian. It was really inspiring and a great way to open the conference. It enabled me to realise just how many of the skills I have acquired whilst nursing and in my personal life will be transferrable to my new career. The conference then proceeded with several more presentations from academic, public and special librarians. Every presentation was interesting and insightful and whilst a lot of the content was probably not relevant for me at this stage in my career, I am hoping that I will be able to utilise it in the future. The Creative Commons presentation, I did find relevant, as during my studies we are encouraged to use Creative Commons images in our assignments. This was a concept I had not heard of before commencing my studies, but one that I am now using frequently. I found the legalities about attribution particularly useful and something I will use both whilst studying and blogging. The Creative Commons GLAM Resource Kit looks to be a particularly useful resource, which is now saved to my favourites  for use in the future. The presentations wee short which kept it interesting and the day flew by. Along with the actual presentations the opportunity to network was invaluable and I would recommend it to all future and current librarians.


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