Automate your life & analyse data with Python

snake (2)This was a 2 day workshop organised by Code Change to learn the basics of Python, a coding language. I enrolled as I felt it would be useful in my future career and I wanted to improve on my existing coding knowledge of basic HTML. The first day was spent learning the basics of it and using it practically on our Facebook profiles. On the second day we recapped what we had learnt the previous week and expanded upon it. I enjoyed the first session and felt I had chance to practice with the assistance of the trainers. However I had forgotten a lot of what I had learnt in the first session by the second session. I also didn’t really get the chance to practice in the second session, as one person dominated the instructor’s time. I think he picked up on this, as he advised an online training tool which I could use to practice and increase my knowledge and skills. I will be looking at this in the future as I feel it is a skill which will be of value to me in the future. Although I didn’t really gain much from the workshops in knowledge, it has inspired me to learn more and practice in my own time. When learning technology, I also find I learn better by practicing and taking my time and doing it step by step.

I have since completed the online learning tool with Code Academy. This involved 13 hours of learning, which at times was a struggle, but also at times fun. I have learnt a great deal whilst completing the course and I feel I benefited by being able to do it at my own pace without interruptions. Although I am still a long way from being an expert coder, I now feel with practice I can become competent. Code Academy also offers online training in other tools such as HTML and Ruby and I intend to explore these further in my next semester break


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