Collection development project

This was my first group assignment for this degree and it taught me a great deal. I barely knew the other 2 members of my team  and we all had different priorities and work styles, which we needed to coordinate. This certainly placed stress on me and probably the other group members, as we struggled to work together. Despite this I think the final report was a good effort and answered the assignment brief. I still choose to work with one of the team members, as I think  we complement each other and work well together, despite our different time priorities. I have learnt not to become too stressed if the work is not finished a week in advance. I have got round this by doing my individual work early, thereby leaving plenty of time to do the group work.

I think being able to work as a team and collaborate on report writing is essential when working as an information professional. It is something I have done extensively in my past career as a nurse and I feel I am effective at it. However, I do need to learn to compromise to work with others’ priorities.

I would like to acknowledge Kate McKelliget and Lisa Schofield who co-authored the report.



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