Databases and cataloging

This was a challenging assignment to say the least. It consisted of 3 parts:

The cataloguing and user needs analysis didn’t really present me with any problems, as the former was  following logical steps and the latter was  analysing how a library could make recommendations to users. However, the SQL was challenging and I really stuggled to get my head around it. I found I was getting confused and anxious by my peers’ questions and began to overthink it. I made a decision to unsubscribe to the unit’s online community and forego the last 2 lessons. I then worked my way through the questions using the recommended textbook. This enabled me to work logically through the challenge and at my own pace, which I found suited me and the task. Although I have a basic grasp of SQL, I feel I will need to refresh my memory if I ever need to use it in the future.


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