New librarians symposium Twitter feed (NLS8)

I decided to follow this Twitter Feed when I first began to think about presenting my project on prison libraries. It is the Twitter Feed of a conference aimed at new information professionals, so I felt that by following it I would learn a lot about presenting at conferences.  The most notable thing I have got from it was finding out about the Speak Up Workshop in Brisbane, which I attended and gained a great deal from. They also use the feed to regularly encourage its followers to submit a proposal for a presentation. I honestly think without this prompting I would have not submitted my proposal. For the purpose of this reflection I monitored it from 25/05/2016 to 25/08/2016, although I intend to continue to follow it.

In addition to the upcoming conference NLS8 Tweet a lot of useful links and information, which may be of value and interest to new and future professionals. I find Twitter a useful tool to keep abreast of what is currently happening in the field. It is easy to pick up when I have some time spare, such as commuting or meal breaks. It doesn’t  require as much concentration as a  scholarly article and I would argue it is more current, as it is continuously being updated. On the negative side, I have to evaluate the information for its accuracy as it may not have been as rigorously scrutinised as a scholarly article, but I feel as a future information professional, I have the tools in my arsenal to make my own judgements. On the positive side, I find it an excellent forum for discovering what my peers are doing and a great professional networking site. Everybody who is active on the site is without exception supportive, and I have never seen any negative comments in all the time I have been following it.

In summary the NLS8 Team behind the Twitter Feed has encouraged me out of my comfort zone and as a result I have volunteered to present at a national conference to my peers. If anybody had asked me this time last year if I had any thoughts along that line, I would have laughed at them. Thank you NLS8.



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