Research based practice

I studied this concurrently whilst undertaking the first stage of my coupled project, and I found this both positive and negative. On the positive side it fed directly into my project and reduced my workload greatly. Conversely, it may have been better to have completed it prior to the beginning of my research project and there was also a great deal of repetition between the units. The unit taught me a lot about incorporating research into practice, whilst reinforcing my prior knowledge. I have completed a research module as part of my nursing professional development, which I then incorporated into my practice which was evidence based as the norm and has been for many years. I also did a dissertation in my final year of my Honours Degree. However, this unit updated my existing knowledge and provided me with the information technology perspective, whereas my previous focus had been scientific research and medical research. I found the tutorials more useful, as they were aimed at library students, whilst the lectures were focussed on information technology students. The feedback provided at the tutorials and after completing the weekly tasks proved invaluable in focussing my ideas both for the assignments for this unit and for my final project report this semester. I don’t feel that I learnt anything new whilst studying this unit, although I did get to refine my  existing skills. I hope to continue developing my research skills for the rest of the degree and during my professional life in the future.


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