Research project

Do libraries in Queensland prisons align with Australian Library and Information Association Minimum Standard Guidelines for Library Services for Prisoners?

I have learnt a great deal whilst working on this report, both academically and about myself. I was initially concerned about the amount of self-guided work required for this unit. However, I have found that my methodical, organised nature and my self-motivation and time-management skills have stood me in good stead. I feel that I performed best at reading and organising the literature for my literature review. I created a database with subject headings and as I read each piece, every time anything relating to the subject was mentioned, I noted the page number in the database. This database saved me a great deal of time when writing both the literature review and the final report. I also wrote an annotated bibliography as I went along and although this was not needed for assessment, it proved useful when writing the literature review and forced me to think about each paper after reading it. It will also be a resource I can refer to in the future. I struggled with the ethics application as it required careful thought and a great deal of time. I think it was more the tedium of the application than the complexity that I found difficult. The uncertainty of the result of the application is also difficult given the work it has required. However, I do understand the importance of it.

I feel that I could improve on my presentation skills, both the actual delivery and the preparation of visual aids. Whilst watching one of my peers’ presentation, I was impressed by the quality of her slides compared to mine. This is something I need to improve as I will be presenting at a national conference next year. With the actual presenting, I feel that I have the knowledge but I lack confidence, which can result in me speaking too quickly. I think this will improve with practice and experience. The most important thing that I have learnt doing this unit, is that I can achieve more than I think I can and I just need the confidence and the motivation to reach my full potential. I have learnt that I have the organisational skills to manage a project with minimal input and to perform self-directed research.


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