Research support services for academic and special libraries

I  feel I have learnt a great deal whilst studying this unit and now feel able to effectively provide and develop research support services in my future career. It is a constantly evolving and developing role and I think that ongoing professional development is necessary to retain currency and best practice. I found that I struggled a little writing my learning journal and contributing to the community as I have no professional experience currently and most of my peers are experienced professionals. However, it was encouraging to receive positive feedback from these same people on my posts. I think I did well with the academic writing as I have considerable and recent experience of this as part of my studies. What I lack in the professional knowledge and skills, I think are compensated for in my theoretical knowledge. The practical knowledge and skills will only come when I am working in the field and can apply the theory.

I have found this unit valuable and enjoyable. All the information and resources provided were useful and relevant and the presenters were interesting and knowledgeable. There was a lot of information to digest and, at times, it has been a struggle but a worthwhile struggle. I know I am going to be able to utilise a great deal of the information I have learnt in my future career as a librarian.


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