Speak up

I attended this work shop organised by ALIA on 11/08/2016  in Brisbane. It was held to encourage newly graduated librarians and students to present at the ALIA NLS8 conference next year in Canberra. Experienced speakers were invited as a panel to answer questions both from the chair and the audience. One of the NLS8 team also spoke to us about what they are looking for in submissions. It was really interesting and informative and I left inspired to submit a presentation, however I have to confess I have not got further than thinking about it yet as I am busy with coursework and fieldwork. That might be me making excuses though. I feel that this is will be the conference to make my debut as it is aimed at people new to the career, but I am struggling to think of how my subject (libraries in prisons) fits into the theme. I am also concerned about the cost of travelling to and staying in Canberra, but again I may just be making excuses. I still have some time before the submissions are due and will have plenty of time to think about it whilst travelling to my next placement and I know the experience will be invaluable.


I’ve done it, I submitted my proposal today. I’m hoping to do a presentation about the Information Needs of Prisoners. I have decided to present it to Craft Your Own Story: Advocacy and Storytelling, as I’m advocating for prisoners to have access to information via professionally staffed and well-stocked libraries. I’m also crafting my own career in my aim to become an expert in correctional libraries, which will be helped by doing the presentation. I’ll find out in October if I’m successful


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