Introversion is okay

I’m proud to be an introvert and like Susan Cain in this  TedTalk, I would also have been the girl to take a case of books to camp. I have to say we didn’t have camp in England when I grew up and I am very grateful for that. I think it has effected me in my career over the years, I don’t shine in interviews, particularly group interviews and I can be reluctant to speak up in team meetings. I have had to make a concerted effort to become more extraverted in these situations and I do struggle. My previous career as a nurse required me to speak to complete strangers and often request really intimate information from them. I’m now in a career where my lecturers and experienced professionals reiterate the importance of networking. I’ll do it but I know it will take me out of my comfort zone and I’m not alone as up to half the population are introverts, so where are you all?


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