Job congruence and values

I struggled a bit with the Perceived Person-Environment Fit Scale (Chuang, Shen & Judge, 2016) as I only started work in my current position 4 weeks ago. I got 6 in all the different sections, so an average of 6 in total, which indicates a higher level of fit in the environment. I feel that this is an accurate representation of where I am currently, as it is working in a not for profit organisation that support people with drug and alcohol issues and/or mental illness. This is a section of society I feel strongly needs support as a significant number of them end up in the prison system, something that can be prevented if they are supported in the community and addiction is treated as an illness not a crime. Therefore I feel my values align strongly with the organisation’s and I feel that this alignment assisted me in getting the job, as a newly qualified librarian with no experience. I also feel that job satisfaction is more important than financial remuneration, which also aligns with the values of an organisation which cannot afford to pay high wages. I also feel that these values align with the group values, as people work in this sector generally are more interested in helping people than getting rich.

I really identified with the TedTalk on passion, purpose and career as somebody who has spent 30 years in a career which at best was okay and at worse was emotionally, mentally and physically draining. I eventually decided to see a career counsellor and did a series of tests similar to what has been offered in this unit and librarian was the position that kept appearing. I looked into further and applied for the Masters at QUT and have never looked back. I have enjoyed every minute of it, even the assignments and endless reading. I have recently got my first librarian job in an organisation whose values tie in closely with mine and which I can use the theoretical knowledge  gained whilst nursing. It’s still early days but I love it, so yes I am living the dream.


Chuang, A., Shen, C.-T., & Judge, T. A. (2016). Development of a Multidimensional Instrument of Person-Environment Fit: The Perceived Person-Environment Fit Scale (PPEFS): Multidimensional Instrument of Person-Environment Fit. Applied Psychology, 65(1), 66-98. doi:10.1111/apps.12036



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