Work life balance

I utilised the Work Life Balance Self-Assessment  Scale developed by Hayman in 2005 to assess my work life balance and my scores indicate that I have a high level of work life balance. This doesn’t surprise me as I am careful to balance my professional, personal and academic lives. It can be difficult at times, but I believe it is about compromise and setting priorities. It is easier at the moment as I work for an organisation where job crafting is encouraged and my working day is flexible. When I was nursing it wasn’t as easy due to the nature of the job with shift work and overtime being non-negotiable. I feel that I am happier and less stressed now and able to put more energy into my current job.
I really identified with Nigel Marsh’s TedTalk on work life balance as one of the things that I took from nursing was that no-one said on their death bed that they wish they’d spent more time at the office. Their regrets were lost time with their families, places not visited, experiences not experienced. This in part encouraged me to achieve a better work life balance and I try to work part-time whenever possible and not turn down new experiences. Nursing is not a career where balance is easily achieved as we were often expected to work late and through our breaks. The continuous shift work was also an obstacle to balance as I was constantly exhausted. I now work part-time in a small library catering to a non-profit organisation which I balance with studying for my Masters and spending time with my family and friends. Despite being busier than ever,I feel that I have finally achieved balance in my life.
Hayman, J. (2005). Psychometric assessment of an instrument designed to measure work life balance. Research and Practice in Human Resource Management, 13(1), 85-91.

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