The future of employment

I was tasked with watching and reflecting upon the videos below as part of my studying Self-Leadership at QUT. I was well aware how the job market needs to evolve due to the advances in technology and that careers available now may not exist in the future. It has been a recurring theme of my MIS(LIP) that as professionals we need to be open to change, as the role of the librarian now is different from the past and will be different from the future. My friends are convinced I spend my days surrounded by books, but the reality is, it’s spent behind the computer. Yes I am surrounded by books, but that is only because the organisation I work for has built up an archive during its existence. I am responsible for social media marketing, database management, electronic resources and blogging. Terms that didn’t exist when I was at school. However, despite being a digital immigrant I have been open to change and so feel comfortable with utilising digital resources in all aspects of my life.

In my previous career of nursing, I also had to be open to change due to the continuous progress in both medicine and technology. As a student I did as I was told and didn’t dare question the wisdom of the qualified nurses. Student nurses are now encouraged to question the registered and enrolled nurses and all the care delivered  has to be evidence based practice. The equipment has also become digitalised from the old mercury sphygmomanometers (blood pressure machines) and glass thermometers to digital and computerised vital sign monitors. However, despite all the advances the human caring aspect of nursing or the visual observation of the patient’s condition have not changed.

Bring on the change, I’m  ready.


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