ALIA Cataloguing Basics

I was in two minds whether to do this as the beginning overlapped with the final semester of my Masters and my presentation at NLS8. Was I taking on too much and did I really want to carry on studying after the Masters? However, my job includes cataloguing both new resources and our extensive archive collection and I wanted to do it well. Despite the preconceptions of several of my non-library friends the MIS(LIP) contains very little cataloguing practice or theory.

Despite having to juggle final assignments, preparation for my presentation and this course, I have really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Cataloguing is straightforward, it just requires time, patience and practice and a methodical nature helps. The resources supplied were great and I have saved them to my home and office computers and One Drive (I am a librarian). I think they will be well-used in my future career. Completing this course tied in nicely with the purchase of 90 new resources for our library, which I have spent several days cataloguing according to MARC and RDA principles. I really think it is worth doing for librarians whose role includes cataloguing, along with library technicians who need an update. The only criticism I have is that we were encouraged to use Web Dewey and the online version of RDA, which are both out of the budget of the small library that I work out. More affordable alternatives would have been great.





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