Career goals and aspirations

I intend to continue as a librarian in a special library in order that I can:

  • Work with patrons to improve their information literacy and help them obtain information which is relevant to them.
  • Utilise my areas of expertise to carve out a career in librarianship.

I am passionate about a career in information, and I want to incorporate my existing, skills and knowledge into that career.

Strategies to achieve this:

  • Currently working as a librarian in a special library
  • Build my professional network using social media and attending professional events
  • Graduated with a Graduate Diploma in November 2016, but continue on to complete my Masters
  • Continue with my research into prison libraries in Queensland and develop expertise in this area
  • Present at ALIA New Librarians Symposium in 2017
  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities to improve my skills and knowledge base
  • Be aware of and apply for relevant positions in order to progress my career as my knowledge progresses

Current awareness strategy.

I  find networking difficult, but have gone out of my comfort zone to attend industry events and have made an effort to network. which this gets easier every time. I feel that with experience, I will be an excellent information professional, and in order to gain that experience, I need to get that first foot in the door.